Are you thinking about renovating your bathroom or shower room? If the answer is yes, then you need to think carefully about what type of wall coverings you are going to use. Should you install tiles or bathroom splashback wall panels? There are just so many benefits of using bathroom splashback panels and below we share some of them with you.

Less messy than tiles

One huge advantage of using bathroom splashback panels is that they are quick and easy to install because they can be made to measure. So, instead of having to place individual tiles on the wall, and then adding grout between them, you simply add adhesive to the wall and place the splashback panel exactly where it is needed. This results in very little mess.

Very simple to change

The interior of our homes is constantly changing, so when we decorate we need to think about the future and any changes we wish to make regarding decor. The true beauty of bathroom splashback wall panels is that they are very easy to remove with the right tools and will not damage the wall. This means you can easily replace the panels with a different colour, image or texture.

Won’t discolour and low maintenance

When it comes to cleaning our bathroom, we really just want a wall covering that is low maintenance and bathroom splashback panels tick this box. They just need to be wiped down with a damp cloth. The other good news is that unlike tiles and grout that can easily stain and discolour, bathroom acrylic wall panels will not fade, nor easily discolour or tarnish over time.

So much choice

There is an absolute wealth of choice when it comes to the world of bathroom splashback wall panels. You can choose from so many colours and finishes, including clear acrylic and even printed splashbacks that can feature images of your choosing, including family photographs.

To learn more about our bathroom splashback wall panels, including glass splashback panels and printed splashbacks, then please do browse our website. You can also request free splashback samples. Just get in touch with us today.