Bathroom Splashbacks

There is something intriguing about droplets of water resting on a shiny surface, before their weight gradually breaks the tension and they roll down into the shower basin. The beautiful bathroom splashbacks designed by Genie are absent of grout lines, where these droplets could gather and form black mould over time. This is a major plus point for any bathroom – who wants to shower amongst grout and sealant stained by mould, even if it has been thoroughly cleaned? Genie bathroom splashbacks provide a high quality finish in acrylic or glass that is easy to clean and intrinsically hygienic, in a space that will always need that little bit of extra attention due to high use and ongoing damp conditions. With the additional reassurance of an anti-mould finish and the option to enhance this further with an anti-microbial coating, the bathroom splashback is an excellent alternative to tiling and is rapidly becoming the choice for bespoke bathrooms.

It would be easy to think that bathroom splashbacks are difficult to install, but this is not the case. The acrylic splashbacks are lightweight and extremely easy for the average DIY enthusiast to put their hand too. The 6mm glass splashbacks, although more heavyweight in nature, also have that same easy to install nature, inherent to all Genie products.

Installing Your Bathroom Splashback

When you buy a bathroom splashback it is clearly more than just a beautiful, high quality product, chosen to enhance and complement your chosen decor, you are purchasing Genie’s expertise and knowledge of working with acrylic and glass. Knowledge gained over time is difficult to beat and you will find Genie bathroom splashbacks are cut to fit with precision and finished to a premium standard that is hard to match.

Beyond the choice materials and expert precision cutting and the functionality of the bathroom splashback’s waterproof and scratch resistant properties, the finish should be pleasing to the eye too. These high quality splashbacks are exactly that. With colours available that are vibrant and have depth, the range of colours from white to cherry red will catch everyone’s eye and will provide a breathtaking backdrop or focal point in any bathroom.