Bathroom Splashbacks and Upstands

The other day someone asked me what I most liked to do in the bathroom. After raised eyebrows and a moment’s silence, I thought about it seriously. It was then that I realised that for me the bathroom was a place to relax, a zone of privacy where one can unwind in the warmth of a shower, after a long day’s work. It was a time to reflect on the past few hours with my own thoughts. It’s harder to do this in a shower and bathroom that is starting to look tatty; a room where mould has taken hold and is starting to become an unwelcome guest. A bathroom should be a place of tranquillity.

Bring on the clean continuous surfaces of bathroom splashbacks and upstands created by Genie. Inherently clean, they are a contemporary alternative to tiling and are quickly becoming the standard for cutting edge bathrooms, where designer looks rub shoulders with distinguished functionality. With the absence of grout lines, solid sheets of continuous colour can transform your shower walls into a place that is vibrant or peaceful, but always has a sleek modern look. Match this to the area around your sink and you have revolutionised your clean space with these Genie bathroom splashbacks and upstands.

The bathroom splashbacks and upstands are easy to install with a simple kit, should you choose to do-it-yourself. Whether you decide upon the lightweight option of acrylic, in matt or gloss surface finishes, or the more heavyweight 6mm glass, these excellent products allow an almost instant transformation. Genie’s expertise with glass and acrylic means that any difficult shapes, such as around a window or the curvature of a sink, can be cut around with ease to ensure that your bathroom splashbacks and upstands are perfectly formed.

If you have already decided upon colour scheme to create something special in your bathroom, did you know that Genie can colour match your splashback and upstand exactly. But they can do far more than this – they can use photos, images and patterns you provide to create something truly unique to you.