Bathroom Coloured Splashbacks

White has always been the default colour of choice for bathrooms and who can question its versatility and obvious cleanliness. Whether you choose white or not, Genie have a range of bathroom coloured splashbacks that are vibrant or subtle and can complement or enhance your colour scheme and decor.

A bathroom coloured splashback is both stylish and functional and is the modern alternative to tiling which is continually low maintenance and an easy DIY installation, whether you choose acrylic or glass.

Gone are the endless grout lines that harbour dirt, grime and scum and their continuous need for cleaning and maintenance. The bathroom coloured splashbacks provide you with a sleek and smooth surface which can be easily wiped clean with warm soapy water to present a shiny continuation of elegant, vibrant colour.

Over 80 standard colours are available to choose from which can provide inspiration for an innovative colour scheme – a starting point for your bathroom makeover. Genie are able to colour match too. So if you have chosen a style and pattern and colour, Genie can give you the perfect bathroom coloured splashback to make your project complete.

If you are DIY enthusiast, or have limited skill in this area, the bathroom coloured splashbacks are a simple fix in place, whether you choose lightweight acrylic or the heavyweight glass option. Genie’s specialists are always on hand to advise you of fitting and handling techniques due to their long-standing expertise with these high quality materials.

I am always surprised by the extensive range of colours available and would recommend even a brief browse through their collection, and consider the possibility of patterns or customisation with art work and images of your own choice. Everyone has a unique style and Genie’s bathroom coloured splashbacks and upstands can enhance, complement and enrich it in every way.

But you shouldn’t choose a splashback just for its aesthetically pleasing looks, it is also a delightfully low maintenance option with a sleek surface that is ideal for an easy wipe clean. And with no dirt-storing grout lines to consume your time, you will wonder why you didn’t choose a coloured bathroom splashback sooner!