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If you are looking for a new hob or cooker splashback, our range of made to measure items serve a variety of tastes, needs and budgets.

A painted wall behind a cooker or hob simply won’t take the onslaught of heat and food splatter day in day out.

A durable splashback works wonders for these specific areas and are extremely hygienic, something that is a must in your kitchen.

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Why have a splashback for your hob?

A splashback will protect your walls and paint work. Our range of bespoke splashbacks are easy to fit, clean and are a stunning addition to your kitchen.  

Save costs on repairs, and create a style statement for your kitchen!

A full range of splashbacks for behind your cooker

At Genie our splashbacks are available in dozens of colours. We literally have something to reflect all trends, tastes and budgets.  

With acrylic and glass options available we will have what you are looking for!

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Do I need a splashback behind my hob?

If you are looking to protect your paintwork or kitchen wall then yes we would suggest you need a splashback behind your hob.

Splashbacks for hobs and cookers keep moisture from impacting the drywall.

When moisture builds up on the plaster wall, it will start to mould and will become discoloured.

In this situation, repair costs can be high, and isn’t easy to fix.

What can I put behind my hob to protect the wall?

The answer here is simple – a kitchen splashback!

Splashbacks for hobs and cookers protect your wall and plaster from damage caused by extreme heat or the build-up of moisture.  

A toughened glass splashback will do the best job. Providing it isn’t exposed to extreme heat, acrylic could be an alternative.

What is the best splashback for behind a hob or cooker?

We are often asked about the best splashbacks to go behind a hob or cooker.

As experienced splashback specialists, we can give you the right answer.

Many people think that stainless steel is the only real option. It is easy to clean, and of course, withstands heat.

However, toughened glass can often be a much better option due to its stylish appeal.

Providing the splashback isn’t exposed to extreme heat, acrylic is another favourable option.

What can I use as a cooker splashback?

As mentioned in a couple of previous questions, glass is a stylish option.

Acrylic is good too providing it isn’t exposed to extreme heat.

How do you fit a splashback behind a hob?

Fitting a splashback behind your hob is easy.

Using one of our fitting kits, prepare the surface the splashback is to be placed on, this should be dry and dust free.

Using our low modulus adhesive apply the adhesive in a wavy pattern, aiming for an even coverage on the back of the panel.

Place the spacers on top of your kitchen side or hob.

Then simply put your new bespoke splashback onto the spacers and slowly and gently press it onto the wall.

Finally, just apply some firm pressure to the entire splashback.

Once in place, you can simply use the adhesive to seal all the edges around the splashback, removing any excess to ensure a clean finish.

Can you have an acrylic splashback behind a hob?

Providing there is enough space between the hob and the wall, an acrylic splashback can go behind your hob.

An acrylic splashback can be placed behind an electric or induction hob, but is not suitable for a gas hob.

Are laminate splashbacks heat resistant?

Unfortunately, laminates will melt under the heat of being near a hob.

Whilst they can look stunning, offering a range of effects such as brick or wood, they are unlikely to withstand the heat.

Can glass splashbacks crack from heat?

The short answer is, yes glass splashbacks can crack from the heat. However, this is dependent on the type of glass used.

To prevent glass splashbacks from cracking from the heat our products are made from toughened glass.

Toughened glass is both heat resistant and safe.

If you are looking for a glass splashback to go behind your hob or cooker always make sure it will be manufactured using toughened glass.

Can I put a splashback over the tiles behind my hob or cooker?

Splashbacks can be installed over existing tiles – no problem as long as they are currently securely attached to the wall.

If your current kitchen tiles are cracked or aren’t level, this will impact the ability to fit your new splashback.

We're here to help

Our Customer Service Team is available Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.