Glass Splashbacks

Our Range of Stylish Glass Splashbacks

At Genie we offer a wide range of beautiful, stylish glass splashbacks for kitchens and bathrooms. Our premium, toughened glass splashbacks help to keep your kitchen clean, and add an element of style to all contemporary kitchens.

Offered in a wide range of colours, our glass splashbacks add that ultimate finishing touch to your kitchen design.

Make a statement with a new bespoke glass splashback

A bespoke, glass splashback will add an additional stylish element to your kitchen or bathroom. These design features will impress guests, friends and family.

In addition to aesthetics, glass splashbacks are incredibly practical – easy to clean, and protecting walls and paintwork behind your hob.

They also offer a beautiful alternative to standard bath panels, improving the style and overall look and feel of your bathroom.

Available in a range sizes and colours, we have something for all tastes.

Looking to buy a made to measure glass splashback online?

With Genie, buying a glass splashback online couldn’t be easier. Just pick your size, colour, and follow our fast ordering process. Your new made to measure splashback will be expertly cut to fit the exact size you need and manufactured to the highest standards using industry-leading technology.

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What are the benefits of having a glass splashback?

This is very much down to the individual. Typically speaking the key benefits are:
Easy to maintain – glass splashbacks are easy to clean compared to tiles

Cost effective – these splashbacks last a long time

Options – at Genie, our made to measure glass splashbacks come in a range of colours

Do glass splashbacks crack from heat?

At Genie we only manufacture splashbacks from toughened glass. It’s true, glass splashbacks can crack under the pressure of intense heat. However, this generally happens when the wrong type of glass is used.
Toughened glass is heat resistant and safe.

Can glass splashbacks be fitted behind a gas hob?

Absolutely, nearly all glass splashbacks can go behind a hob. However there are some exceptions.  If you are looking for a splashback for behind your hob, it will need to be made from toughened glass, which is the case for all glass splashbacks sold by us.

Are glass splashbacks a good idea?

If you are looking for a stylish addition to your bathroom or kitchen then yes!
There are also practical and financial reasons why glass splashbacks are a good idea for the home. In the long run, a quality splashback can save you money in remedial building and re-decoration costs.
Our toughened glass splashbacks are resistant to moisture and heat. Therefore, this makes them ideal for use in bathrooms and kitchens. Therefore, glass really is a fantastic material for splashbacks.

Do glass splashbacks scratch easily?

At Genie our glass splashbacks are durable, and made from quality low-iron toughened glass. By using this glass, this means that our splashbacks are scratch resistant.

Can you remove scratches from a glass splashback?

Yes, like with many things in the home, you can take a DIY approach to removing scratches from your glass splashback.

Believe it or not, toothpaste, warm water and a sponge can do the trick. Toothpaste contains a light coarse substance, and when applied to glass, can remove the scratches from your splashback.

A glass splashback from Genie is scratch resistant, meaning your splashback will last longer and still look as good as the day you first installed it.

Do glass splashbacks expand?

If designed and fitted correctly, any splashback that slightly expands is protected from cracking. If designed correctly, with an expansion gap there is no need to worry.
At Genie, we advise a 2mm heat expansion gap. Essentially where a splashback meets a wall or object, 2mm is taken from each edge to negate the impact of a glass splashback expanding.
If your splashback is too much of a tight fit, this can cause it to expand and potentially crack with heat.

Are glass splashbacks hard to keep clean?

No, glass splashbacks are very easy to clean. Unlike with tiles there is no grout to deal with, and the risk of mould is diminished.
This makes the splashbacks so easy to clean. There is little to no effort required and your new splashback will maintain its brand new look for years to come.

Are glass splashbacks still in fashion?

Very much so. To many they are considered a statement piece. Among the variety of different splashback styles available, glass remains one of the most sought-after choices.

We're here to help

Our Customer Service Team is available Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.