Our splashbacks offer a sophisticated and easy to clean wall covering for your bathroom or kitchen.

Offering total choice, our made to measure splashbacks come in a range of styles and materials.

A glass splashback is the perfect choice for those looking for a stylish addition to their kitchen. If you are looking for something for your bathroom, find out more about our range of bath, shower and wet room splashbacks.

Here at Genie Splashbacks, we pride ourselves on being a Perspex Approved Fabricator. All our manufacturing is done here in the UK and we are a proud member of Made in Britain.

All of our glass, acrylic and printed splashbacks are available to buy online and delivered to your door. Offering a seamless ordering and delivery process, you can complete your kitchen without having to leave your house.

Once delivered, fitting a splashback is incredibly easy.

A wide range of splashback materials

Glass splashbacks

Quality glass splashbacks for your kitchen. Available in a range of colours. Looking to add some style to your kitchen? Start shopping now.

Premium acrylic splashbacks

Perfect for your shower and wet room, our premium acrylic splashback comes in a range of colours. Click here to start building your new splashback.

Solid acrylic splashbacks

Ideal for a range of settings, our solid acrylic splashbacks are an incredibly popular choice. Looking to a buy a new splashback for your home? Start shopping now.

Printed splashbacks

Our printed splashbacks offer something unique for the kitchen and bathroom. Offered in a range of colours and materials. Get creative with your new splashback.

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What type of splashback is best?

When it comes to the ‘best’ splashback, this is a matter of personal choice. Generally speaking, the best splashback is one that gives you kitchen or bathroom some added style. In terms of materials, glass, and acrylic are two perfect options.

What are the different types of splashbacks?

At Genie, the different types of splashback we offer are glass, printed, and acrylic. A splashback is suitable for many rooms in the home; the kitchen and bathroom, including shower panels and wet rooms. We have also had customers choose printed splashbacks to create art installations in their homes.

Are splashbacks heat proof?

All our splashbacks are heat proof.

Our glass splashbacks are able to withstand temperatures up to 400°C.

Our acrylic splashbacks are able to withstand temperatures up to 80°C, this makes them suitable in all areas of the home except for behind a gas hob.

Can you fit a splashback to any surface?

Genie’s range of acrylic & glass splashbacks are produced using some of the best materials available in the UK. Our splashbacks are incredibly easy to fit and can be simply attached to almost any surface in your home.

How thick should a splashback be?

Our splashbacks come in a range of sizes to suit your walls. For slightly curved walls, we can recommend 3mm acrylic which is flexible to create a flush finish with the wall. We also have thicker Perspex and acrylic splashbacks available in 5mm.

For glass splashbacks, we have a toughened 6mm glass that is perfect for behind hobs or areas that could accidentally be knocked.

If you are unsure which splashback to go for, use our LiveChat function or contact us to speak to an advisor.

What are the different sizes of splashbacks?

Here is a quick overview of some of the most popular different sizes:
Small (600mm x 750mm)
Medium (700mm x 750mm
Large (900mm x 750mm)
At Genie our splashbacks are made to measure, so if the above sizes aren’t what you need, don’t worry! We will have the right splashback for you!
If you have further questions, you can use our LiveChat function, or simply call our friendly team.

How do you choose the right splashback?

In terms of the right splashback, of course, this all comes down to personal preference.
Here are some simple steps you can follow:
Choose the material based on your setting – glass for hobs, acrylic for bathrooms etc.
Select the right colour – what colour will best compliment your needs and the aesthetic feel you are looking for.
Add a little sparkle – glittery splashbacks are becoming more and more common. They can add a bit of fun to the home but we understand they are not for everyone.
Make it personal – have a look at our printed splashbacks. Printed splashbacks are are a great way to personalise your new kitchen or bathroom splashback.

Can you put a splashback over tiles?

Yes – splashbacks can be installed over existing tiles in your property. This is providing the current tiles are securely attached to your wall. Broken or cracked tiles may well impact and affect the adhesion of your new splashback.

We're here to help

Our Customer Service Team is available Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.