Acrylic Splashbacks

A Complete Range of Stylish Acrylic Splashbacks

At Genie we offer a complete range of stunning, stylish acrylic splashbacks for kitchens, bathrooms, showers and wet rooms. Our quality, bespoke acrylic splashbacks help to keep your bathroom and kitchen clean and can be much more cost effective than tiling in the long run.

Our acrylic splashbacks come a wide variety of colours and are completely bespoke to your requirements.

Why buy a new bespoke acrylic splashback?

Our made to measure acrylic splashbacks will be a stylish addition to your kitchen or bathroom. These modern bathroom design features will impress guests, friends and family.

If you swap the tiles for a splashback, wet rooms and showers are so much easier to clean. Kids will no longer be splashing toothpaste and soap suds behind the sink, when getting ready for school.

They also offer a beautiful alternative to standard bath panels, improving the style and overall look and feel of your bathroom.

Food prep, washing up and other general kitchen activities become way less stressful if you have a splashback. Stains, watermarks and the build up of mould become a things of the past!

Acrylic splashbacks are incredibly practical and easy to clean. They protect your walls and paintwork around your bath, shower and sinks.

Available in a range sizes and colours, we have something for all tastes.

Looking to buy a made to measure acrylic splashback online?

With Genie, buying an acrylic splashback online couldn’t be easier.

Just pick your size, colour, and follow our quick, customer friendly ordering process. Your new made to measure acrylic splashback will be expertly cut to fit the exact size you need. Offering the highest standards in manufacturing, with Genie you will be in safe hands.

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Are acrylic splashbacks any good?

If you are looking for a stunning, stylish addition to your home then, yes they are!
Our made to measure acrylic splashbacks are incredibly durable. This means they can easily withstand general wear, bumps and knocks, although they can scratch. Cleaned with a simple warm water and soap solution, acrylic splashbacks do not attract dust and therefore remain cleaner for longer.

Where can I have an acrylic splashback in my home?

Acrylic splashbacks are incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of settings.
They can replace bath panels, offering something very unique and stylish.
Showers and wet rooms become so much easier to clean.
Kitchens walls around sinks, and work surfaces become much better protected against stains and mould.

Can you use acrylic as a kitchen splashback?

Yes, absolutely. Traditionally kitchen splashbacks were made from ceramic or glass.
Whilst glass is still the best choice for around a hob, if you are looking to protect the walls around your sinks and work surfaces acrylic is a great choice.
Acrylic is also usually cheaper than glass, therefore making it a very cost effective choice for homeowners with a budget in a mind.

Are acrylic splashbacks cheaper than glass?

Typically, acrylic splashbacks are cheaper than glass varieties.
If you are looking for a stylish addition to your home, but your budget doesn’t extend to glass an acrylic splashback is the perfect alternative.
Also, if you just need something to protect the walls next to your kitchen sink, or are fed up with cleaning tiles, and don’t want to break the bank, acrylic is a sensible choice.

How do you clean acrylic splashbacks?

Acrylic splashbacks are so easy to clean.
To remove general dirt and grime, simply wipe your splashback with a soft cloth.
To remove grease, use a cloth and a household cleaning product. Be sure to use one that isn’t corrosive or that could damage the surface.
Once you have finished cleaning, wipe the splashback with a dry cloth. You will then have a beautifully clean splashback.

Will acrylic splashbacks melt?

Acrylic splashbacks are best suited to low heat environments such as bathrooms, shower rooms and wet rooms. In contrast to glass, acrylic splashbacks can start melting and can deform at 80 degrees and turn to liquid at 160°C.

Can you have an acrylic splashback behind a hob?

Yes, our acrylic splashbacks can be fitted behind hobs. You need to ensure there is a safe distance between the hob and your splashback.

What distance is needed?
For ceramic hobs, the distance between the hob and the wall must be at least 60mm.
The distance for gas hobs needs to be at least 200mm.

We're here to help

Our Customer Service Team is available Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.