While splashbacks are only designed to protect a wall from moisture and the damaging effects of daily use, people often forget that they can be creative and reflect your own personality. While it is possible to choose a classic and plain splashback there is also the option to make a design statement with them like with a river splashback.

A river splashback adds a dash of exotic elegance to any room it is featured in. It brilliantly captures the personality of a nature lover who spends their weekends on hiking adventures. Genie river splashbacks come in a variety of design options to suit any personality. These include ‘Bridge over a river’ which depicts an idyllic river you could lounge next to on a sunny day, to the more striking ‘Waterfall in a forest’ that features a turbulent river at the base of a magnificent waterfall.

The stunning prints will obviously be suited to an aqueous environment such as a bathroom or a wet room, where it would add a touch of innovative flair to an otherwise basic room. However, the striking nature of the river splashbacks makes them a surprisingly versatile feature that can be used in any room. It would make the perfect bespoke addition to your kitchen, where you can imagine yourself feasting in the wilderness.

Genie splashbacks are made to measure and manufactured out of the highest quality acrylic or glass material. Heat damage and condensation will damage a bare wall and leave you scrubbing for hours trying to get the wall or grouting back to its original state. The beauty of the river splashback in your room will last for years to come without becoming discoloured or tarnished and only require a cleanse with soapy water to restore the glass or acrylic back to its original dazzling state. The smooth surface also makes the splashbacks more hygienic than their tiled counterparts, where bacteria can lurk in the grout lines.

Bold splashbacks are increasingly being used by designers as expression pieces in the home. They’re an essential part of daily life and are worth an investment to transform your home. So why not choose a bold river-themed design to reflect your personality and captivate any guests who visit?