An increasingly popular design choice for interior designers is to feature a statement piece in a room and captivate the eye. Splashbacks are the first thing you see when you walk into a kitchen or bathroom, so designers look for any opportunity to be creative and make them stand out. Splashguards used to be installed in a kitchen or bathroom out of necessity, to protect walls from staining and damage. But why can’t they be useful and also add a chic and attractive flair to a room? With Genie Splashbacks, that’s entirely possible.

A bold city break splashback really offers the chance for a homeowner to let their personality show through their interior design choice. A photographic city break splashback screams modernist chic, which is a very popular theme in the twenty-first century. The print is ideal for those who want to inject the excitement of urban life into their home environment and these splashback choices are especially well suited to a kitchen. They will transform the room into the contemporary hub of the house where family and friends can’t wait to congregate.

Perhaps one of the greatest things about a photo splashback is the freedom to be as creative with the design as possible and tailor it to your own interests, memories and passions. Choose to dine in any city in the world from Chicago to Sydney and anywhere in between. What’s more, a city splashback is an excellent conversation starter as you explain the significance of the beautiful city that adorns your wall. The variety doesn’t end with appearance; Genie Splashbacks also allow you to have complete choice over what material your splashback is made of.

Splashbacks are incredibly functional too. They are a more hygienic alternative to tiles as the acrylic or glass material has mould-resistant properties. That means your chosen city design will remain as clear and fresh as the day as you bought it. The material it’s made from is incredibly hardwearing and easily cleaned with warm, soapy water.

Is it time to give your kitchen a much-needed city break? The bespoke city themed splashback design is guaranteed to give your kitchen that modern ‘wow factor’ that interior designers desire to achieve.