The beauty of choosing a glass or acrylic splashback is that you’re not limited to solid blocks of colour. If there’s a pattern designer or artist whose work you admire, why not be inspired and choose a gorgeous patterned splashback? Get inspired by design and you’ll create something unique and super stylish for your own home.

Add impact

The splashback is no longer purely functional. Now it makes a statement, adding visual impact to your kitchen and delivering a sleek and streamlined aesthetic. One of the beauties of a glass splashback is that it gives you the opportunity to use image and pattern to create a completely unique look.

Using pattern

Want to create standout style in your kitchen? Pattern can take your kitchen to the next level by serving to highlight your decor with a stunning focal point. Always be mindful about mixing patterns – if in doubt, keep the rest of your decor minimal to throw the emphasis onto your splashback, otherwise your kitchen can end up looking busy and cluttered and the impact of your carefully chosen splashback will be lost in the visual noise.

Be inspired

Imagine a splashback inspired by Orla Kiely’s iconic and distinctive Stem leaf print. Or would a bold yet sophisticated Minakani print look perfect adorning your splashback? Taking inspiration from pattern designers is a savvy way to add energy and dynamism to your kitchen design. Designers work with colour, scale and pattern repeats so that you can add style and personality to anything from bed linens to fabrics – and even splashbacks.

Understand your options

Geometrics: for a sophisticated pop of pattern, keep your scheme neutral and add a strong geometric, paying attention to scale. Monochromes and pastels in Damien Hirst inspired spots and stripes add a casually stylish vibe.

Modern florals: Whether you prefer a bold or subdued floral, pay attention to the way it interacts with the light. If you love Orla Kiely’s Stem, why not look for inspiration in the work of Lucienne Day? Her Dandelion Clocks design would add an airy, contemporary-retro quality to any kitchen. Or opt for Cath Kidstone’s fresh and romantic take on roses.

Metallics: metallics are everywhere in modern kitchens, from the subtle to the glitzy. They add pzazz and style and will highlight both geometric and floral patterns. Or why not be inspired by the great Austrian artist Gustav Klimt to create a stunning splashback based on the gilded, swirling organic forms in his paintings?