We all know how interior design trends can quickly change and make some of the rooms in your house look a bit dated – especially your kitchen if you don’t keep up with what everyone else wants right now.

Even if you are not thinking of selling your home at the moment, it is worth finding out about the latest ideas for kitchen trends as inspiration. One of the best ways to instantly revitalise your kitchen is to invest in new kitchen splashback tiles.

The added bonus is that you get to choose whatever colour and design combinations you want if you go for a made-to-measure bespoke splashback design.

Here is a quick look at some splashback trends that could bring your kitchen right up to date.

KitKat mosaic

If you have not already seen these splashbacks in some of the trendy showrooms, check out what are described as KitKat-shaped mosaics.

You might decide to go for a solid colour or any sort of designer-inspired finish that you know will look great in your kitchen. KitKat mosaic splashbacks are great thanks to their versatility in colour or finish, with contemporary choices including slate grey, ocean blue, and more.

Solid perspex

You can really make a design statement when you choose a solid perspex splashback option; this is another hot trend that will ensure your kitchen looks ultra-modern.

From really attractive pastel shades to options such as solid granite grey, there is bound to be a perspex panel that will provide the perfect backdrop for your kitchen design.

Bespoke splashbacks

Another popular aspect of kitchen design and splashback trends is to create something truly unique to you.

That is now entirely possible when you use one of your favourite images to create a printed splashback that you know won’t be seen anywhere else.

Creating your own splashback is a real trend that allows you to put your very own personality into how your kitchen looks and feels.

The choice of colours and design options that you can use for your splashbacks is only limited by your own imagination and, if you decide to go down the bespoke route, you can know for sure that no other kitchen will boast the same character.

Get in touch to tell us what inspires you and find out how we can turn those ideas into splashback reality.