Kitchen Splashbacks and Upstands

There was a time in the past when kitchen walls were just paint on plaster until a host of tiles came on to the scene to protect against the usual collection of kitchen protagonists – namely oil and water. It is surprising how many spillages, splashes and sprays a kitchen wall can be subjected to over the course of the year. Therefore it is prudent to have adequate protection. Although gradually over time, the selection of tiles have become vast with a clear edge towards decorative and less on functionality, their days may be numbered. Tiles are often seen as a high maintenance, timely installation exercise that often requires a specialist to leave you with a pristine finish. The modern alternative is kitchen splashbacks and upstands that are quick and easy to install and offer a premium quality finish that not only look spectacular but are low maintenance as well.

Kitchen splashbacks and upstands manufactured from Genie are produced in heat-strengthened glass that complies to British Standards, or premium acrylic (Perspex) that Genie have been working with for 40 years. Genie’s experience in cutting and shaping these materials, so they fit tightly and cleanly around hobs, extractor hoods, sockets and window ledges, is second to none. And because the kitchen splashbacks and upstands are manufactured in one piece, not only does it drastically reduce installation time, it leaves a continuous sleek and stylish surface that is very contemporary.

Kitchen splashbacks and upstands provide a beautiful backdrop thanks to the vast range of vibrant and tasteful colours and tones for you to choose from. There are over 80 colours and an extensive range of patterns available that will get you re-designing the kitchen with new themes and colour schemes in mind. In fact the backdrop of a kitchen splashback and upstand will be an inviting focal point that the eyes of guests will be instantly drawn to.

If you already have a colour scheme in mind, Genie can colour match to complement it. And if you still can’t find exactly what you looking for, why not customise with a personalised image to give a room that is as unique as you.