Colours are extremely important in our lives. Many studies have shown how the colours around us can affect our moods, energising us or relaxing us. Many families spend significant amounts of time in their kitchens nowadays as it is the central hub of the home, so it is essential to ensure that your kitchen colour choices have the right effect on your feelings. Rejuvenating your kitchen with a touch of colour does not have to be an expensive business, though. You can add a splash of colour through the personalised colour choices of your kitchen splashback panels.

How do different colours make us feel?

Warm colours

Warm colours like reds, oranges, golds and yellows are excellent at infusing us with a burst of energy. If you want to energise your kitchen, add details such as a red perspex splashback which can provide just the right amount of colour to a kitchen of any size.

Cool colours

For cool colours, choose a green or blue splashback. Cool colours can be extremely calming and make an ideal environment to relax in. They can be particularly appropriate in kitchen-diners where you may spend a lot of free time and want to create a space that you can unwind in.

Neutral colours

Neutrals are colours that include whites, blacks and greys. They are excellent as imbuing a clean and streamlined feeling into a room and often give a kitchen a chic and modern look and feel. If you like this kind of design, opt for mocha glass splashbacks or a grey plastic splashback.

Personalising your kitchen

When choosing your coloured splashbacks for cookers, remember that colour choices are extremely personal to you and your household. If you really want to add a touch of extra-special style, you could even select a glitter splashback or have one of your own photographs printed onto a splashback. This can give your kitchen the personal touch that you crave and give you an uplift whenever you spend time in your kitchen.

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