Choosing Your Sink Upstands

Have you noticed how areas around sinks can often seem a little dull and uninspiring? A block of vibrant colour can add a satisfyingly welcome change to neutral bathroom furniture. Intense shades can make a bold stage to complement the glossy white of a sink and shiny chrome of taps. Genie appears to have thought of every colour and have dipped into a comprehensive pallet to offset neutrality. Poppy Red or Mint Green? Ocean Blue or Warm Yellow? The choice is so vast that it is almost impossible to be decisive. And what if these colours are too bright? Genie have selected gentler shades such as Cool Grey or Ivory that blend more subtly, while still giving a beautifully defined impact.

A quality finish is important in the bathroom and kitchen. It is clear the areas around your sink can quickly become grimy in a short space of time. However these can easily be transformed into a space that not only looks good, it is simple to clean too. The choice of acrylic or glass as a sink upstand may depend on whether it is for a bathroom or kitchen. Both materials are an exceptional finish and although the acrylic upstands are lightweight and easier to install and shape, the glass upstands have a more heavyweight feel and are framed by highly polished edges. Each material will give a premium contemporary style that will complement and help create your bespoke kitchen or bathroom. Both acrylic and glass can be shaped and cut to fit, to give a precise look that is easy to install by your average DIYer. The specialists at Genie Splashbacks are more than happy to provide advice regarding installation should you choose this option.

It would appear that trends are moving away from traditional tiling and grouting, allowing sink upstands to provide a modern finish that is easy to clean, with products that are less aggressive. So if you after a high quality, low maintenance option for your bespoke bathroom or kitchen, then I recommend the stylish solution of a Genie sink upstand.