Splashbacks provide protection to the walls of your kitchen but they are also a way to add colour, images and patterns to your kitchen. Heat resistant perspex and toughened glass are perfect materials for use with hobs and cookers.

Below we explore some creative ways to use a splashback behind a cooker:

Add a splash of colour

Coloured splashbacks for cookers are now incredibly popular as they allow you to add a pop of colour to your kitchen while creating a pleasant and safe cooking experience. You may have a neutral kitchen with stainless steel appliances, so you could add a red or dark blue cooker splashback. A dark grey kitchen could be lifted with a brightly coloured cooker splashback.

Add some images

You can have a lot of fun with your cooker splashback, as anything goes. This is because it covers a small space so you can be creative. Choose from images of food in an attractive pattern. Olives, tomatoes and peppers all look stunning and provide a bold and attractive image.

Simply cover those tiles

You may already have tiles behind your cooker or hob, and if this is the case then you can simply cover them with a clear heat resistant perspex splashback. Not only will this protect your tiles, but you can add a shimmer or sparkle finish to the splashback to create that three-dimensional finish.

Printed glass

Printed glass is a good option for a cooker splashback, but it does need to be made from toughened glass. Printed glass can be subtle, so for example with a border of fruit or a simple pattern. It can be mirrored glass to open up the kitchen space, or another option is to add a glitter splashback that’s ideal for the modern family kitchen.

Personalise with photographs

Photographs help to make a home, so why not display them permanently in your kitchen? You can now create cooker splashbacks with your cherished photographs of friends and family, or even the household pet.

For more kitchen splashbacks design ideas for use behind your cooker then please do browse our website and get in touch for a free splashback sample.