Style, sophistication and flair; all things that splashbacks can give to your home. After you’ve chosen splashbacks over tiling, the decisions get even harder as you have to consider which type of splashback is the most appropriate for your design preferences. Here are five factors to take into consideration when it comes to choosing between glass or acrylic splashbacks.

1. Versatility

If style is your primary concern, then acrylic splashbacks might be the best choice for you. Both styles come with a beautiful and unique finish, but acrylic is easier to personalise with a pattern or photograph of your choosing.

2. Durability

Glass and acrylic are both incredibly durable, but glass is a more heat resistant material, which is less likely to melt or wilt over time. Glass splashbacks are ideal for the kitchen as heat and scolding oil won’t ruin the finish. You can place a glass splashback over your cooker to protect your walls for years to come.

3. Budget

While glass has a luxury finish, acrylic splashbacks are the best option for those on a budget. They still look high-end but are a much more affordable material. Fitting a bathroom can be expensive; consider acrylic bathroom panels if you’re hoping to cut costs without compromising style and quality.

4. Ease of installation

If you can afford for your bathroom or kitchen to be professionally fitted, then glass splashbacks are the right choice for you. However, if you’re using your own DIY skills to design your kitchen then you should consider acrylic splashbacks; not only are they easy to cut-to-size yourself, they are less likely to crack and break while putting them on the walls.

5. Hygiene

As non-porous materials, both glass and acrylic are hygienic and easy to clean. Glass is more likely to harbour dust and fingerprints but is very scratch resistant. Scratches show up more on acrylic, but the material is easier to wipe clean and doesn’t attract dust. The material you choose depends on your individual preferences.

Acrylic and glass splashbacks are both great options and are sure to add some style and flair to your home. Browse our range of amazing kitchen and bathroom splashbacks today.