The family kitchen is often the heart of the home, a place of expression and art where kids doodles and gift shop magnets brighten up the fridge freezer. If you are looking for new ways to incorporate artwork into your kitchen space, try these ideas for a fresh look.

Add a picture splashback

Sometimes you may feel that you are always standing over a hot stove, so it seems a shame to limit art to the wall behind you. With some clever placement you can bring art into view while you cook. Splashbacks might be the least likely place you consider for displaying artwork because they attract so much grease and splashing from pans. But with their easy to clean surface they also provide the answer to displaying art around cooking. With the help of Genie Splashbacks, you can incorporate and display your favourite digital works within splashbacks on your kitchen wall without fear of damage.

Use pop art

Whether it’s to keep the kids entertained over breakfast or relax with a cuppa over the morning radio show, you will want to add entertainment to your kitchen environment. Kitchen artwork is great for lifting morning moods and pop art is perfect for inspiration. It is so easy to incorporate this type of art into a family kitchen and it provides the fun imagery that kids love. What’s more, it doesn’t have to be a permanent fixture. You can add and remove pop art mugs, furnishings and drink coasters whenever you feel like it.

Define zones for creative play

Your family kitchen is probably an area where your creative cookery competes for space. Paints, glitter and clay add a lot of mess to a floor already scattered with crumbs. Defining a creative area within your kitchen space allows you to relax while the kids can express themselves freely. With splashback installation to protect the walls and multipurpose furniture that hides away the mess when the kids are done, everything is covered.

Need more inspiration?

For more inspiration, talk to Genie Splashbacks about kitchen splashback design ideas.