The hub of the home where friends and family congregate to cook, chat and snack, the kitchen can be the heart and soul of the house, especially when you have designed something you really love. Whether you have a traditional, industrial, modern or cottage style kitchen, incorporating a splashback beneath cabinets and over hobs and sinks is not only a great way to keep these areas clean but also a clever tool for adding creative colour. At Genie Splashbacks we’ve picked three outstanding colour trends for 2020 that include rich, warm and soft hues so you can design the kitchen of your dreams.

Botanical jewel tones

A bold and rich alternative to neutral colours, botanical jewel tones are heavily featured in kitchen interior design for 2020 and beyond. Our teal splashback is perfect for adding saturated colour to your kitchen whether you’re playing it off against all-white cabinets or adding extra drama to sleek dark fittings. Teal is particularly decadent and a splashback installation in this colour will really pop when offset against copper or rosegold hardware and accessories.

Warm champagne

Gold represents warmth, happiness and sunshine and champagne toned kitchen splashbacks are incredibly effective at adding a relaxing glow to your kitchen. Our solid ivory perspex splashback looks extra luxurious against marble or wood worktops and works well in both country house kitchens and more minimalistic homes. Warm champagne and ivory colours also work in harmony with Scandi blonde furnishings and darker woods that add extra depth. Effortlessly stylish and incredibly inviting, gold is a key 2020 trend that is understated yet plush.

Dusky hues

Soft and calming dusky hues have also been leading the way in kitchen design trends this year. Using kitchen wall splashbacks in hazy, softer shades creates a heritage feel in the kitchen that is both timeless and comforting. At Genie Splashbacks, discover colours including wafer pink pastel, antique violet pink and peach blossom pink for lots of tranquil inspiration. Dusky hues look incredible in the kitchen against classic stone and white walls and will give a fresh feel to your room whether you have a contemporary setting or a period home.

Genie Splashbacks

Our high-quality splashbacks are made using acrylic or glass and come in a vast array of colour choices. We also offer a colour match service so if you have a particular carpet, worktop or wall colour you want to match exactly, send over a sample and we’ll use the latest technology to create a kitchen splashback in your exact shade.