The bathroom is our sanctuary. It’s the place where we can relax in a soothing bath, or an invigorating shower, and wind down for a good night’s sleep or re-energise for the day ahead. The bathroom should feel fresh and inviting, no matter what style you choose. Many of us struggle with finding that perfect colour choice. Should we be bold or more subtle? This is where a turquoise bathroom becomes the obvious choice and below we explain why.

Add warmth with turquoise

Turquoise comes in a variety of different shades, but no matter what you choose it will add brightness and warmth to your bathroom or wet room. This is often in direct contrast to what people assume, in that turquoise is a cool colour. The other great turnabout about turquoise is that it is a fun and playful colour, but with that grown-up edge.

Make a small space appear bigger

If your family bathroom is on the small side, then adding turquoise in the form of acrylic bathroom splashbacks or decorative tiles that are teamed with gleaming white and glass, can actually help to open up the space. This is because turquoise has a beautiful, luminous and radiant quality that reflects any light.

In the shower

Turquoise acrylic bathroom splashbacks work so well in your shower space, especially if the shower cubicle is made from glass. It can help to make a focal point while adding a hint of colour. Acrylic splashbacks are also very easy to install, require no grouting, minimal maintenance and will not stain or tarnish.

Will stand the test of time

When refurbishing a bathroom or installing that new wet room, we really want it to stand the test of fine. The good news is that turquoise is timeless, and will still be here when new colour trends have come and gone. When spending money on a new bathroom, we don’t want to have to start all over again in five years time just because it looks dated. Turquoise bathrooms will look just as fresh in twenty years time.

If you are searching for turquoise bathroom acrylic wall panels in the UK, then we can provide acrylic bathroom splashbacks and wet room samples. To learn more please do get in touch with us today.