Many of us like to passionately style our homes to really reflect who we are, right down to the practical aspects. Even functional additions should have style.

When you are looking to utilise a splashback or backsplash, it’s key to make sure it fits with your aesthetic. A bathroom or kitchen needs a beautiful balance of style and practicality to make the room come together.

Finding the right tiles for a kitchen or bathroom can be an expensive endeavour. You can get colour and pattern variations in even the highest quality tile batches and getting them to fit in with your walls, furniture and flooring can be tough. Splashbacks are easier to fit, easy to clean and a doddle to maintain. All you need to do is measure up and pick your colour, pattern or picture.

Styling your bathroom

An effective bathroom aesthetic needs to elicit calm and relaxation. Calming blues, neutral tones, and pastel shades are great for any luxury bathroom plan but don’t be afraid to be bolder, perhaps adding a splashback as a focal point. You could give your bathroom an edgy feel with dark, brooding options such as a black or dark blue splashback.

Styling your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home, it needs to be fresh and welcoming.

If you have an existing kitchen setup that lacks a bit of energy, try a bold splashback. As most kitchen splashbacks are at eye level, it’s a great attention-grabbing opportunity to display something vivacious. For instance, copper colour splashbacks are a real statement piece, boasting a vibrant metallic feel that works well with many many colour schemes that you already have in place.

About Genie Splashbacks

By choosing a splashback from Genie Splashbacks, you can make sure you find the perfect practical solution in your chosen shade. We make sure the perfect shade is reflected in our products, every time. All of our products come in a range of colours that match palettes from a few major colour houses including Farrow & Ball, Pantone and Ral. If you want to make sure our products meet your standards, we can even send you a sample!

Genie Splashbacks are easy to order, install and maintain, so why not take a closer look.