Are you thinking about using kitchen splashback panels in your open-plan living space? If so, it can be a little difficult to know what styles and colours are best to use when an area has different purposes. Splashbacks can help to add colour and interest to your home while also being highly practical in a kitchen and dining space. If you are searching for splashback ideas and inspiration, carry on reading.

Add a pop of colour

Installing coloured acrylic splashbacks in your kitchen or dining area is a cost-effective and easy way to add colour to a neutral living space. If your kitchen has white walls and white kitchen cabinets, you could opt for a blue kitchen splashback and then use matching accessories in the living space such as cushions and throws.

Keep it clear

You don’t always need to use colour. There are many different types of glass splashbacks and upstands that you can install in your open-plan living space. These can be placed over tiles on a kitchen wall, behind the cooker or to protect a feature wall. Ultimately, clear glass splashbacks are ideal for helping to preserve your existing decor.

Use mirrors

One easy and simple way to create the illusion of a larger living space is to use mirrored splashback panels. This look works very well in a silver kitchen with stainless-steel appliances and modern decor. Mirrored splashbacks also work well when paired with pendant lighting.

Create a feature wall

If you want to create a feature wall in your kitchen-diner, why not use printed splashbacks? There are so many different patterns and images to choose from that will enable you to truly personalise your open-plan living space. Usually, there is also the option to create your own design.

If you would like to know more about using splashbacks in your open-plan living space, we can help. We have a wide selection of made-to-measure acrylic splashbacks, plus glass and printed splashbacks. To find out more, please do get in touch with us today.