When it comes to home renovation and interior design, there are numerous aspects that you have to consider throughout the process. From fittings and fixtures to paint colours and furniture selections, it’s essential to carefully consider every element of the room in order to achieve your overall design theme. When it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, however, it can be easy to focus on function and utility at the expense of style. With a perfectly curated splashback, however, you can ensure that you create exactly the kind of environment that you want, whether that’s warm and dynamic or calm and relaxing.

Create an inviting and fun kitchen space

With dozens of choices to make about appliances and layout plans, it can be a challenge to select design details that also give your kitchen some much-needed character. If you want to inject a bit of individuality into the room, consider opting for a Pepper Print Splashback on one wall, or just behind the sink as an accent piece. With a full range of culinary delights available, including the Tomato Salad Printed Splashback and the Vegetables Printed Splashback, you can mix and match for an eclectic look.

If you’re going for a modern style throughout your home, a splashback can also add a state-of-the-art touch to your decor. You can install an eye-catching geometric printed splashback in a range of colours, such as purple, red, or turquoise, as part of a rich overall colour theme. As cool toned kitchens are particularly popular these days, you might also want to opt for the Geometric White Lines Printed Splashback, which fits perfectly with any bright, sleek look while adding some extra design interest.

Achieve calm and serenity in your bathroom

The bathroom is another room that people often want to turn into a relaxing haven, but it can be a challenge to know how to achieve this in such a functional space. A bathroom splashback is an ideal way to transform your bathing area from a purely purposeful location into a spa-like retreat where you can wash away the day’s stresses. If you’re an outdoor lover, you can recreate the peace of nature with the Misty Mountain Printed Splashback. Meanwhile, with the Waterfall in Forest Printed Splashback, you can lie back and imagine the sounds of spring water when you take a bath after a long day at work.

The main benefit of a bathroom splashback is that it can be placed creatively within the space. You can apply it to the wall above an appliance or fill the entire shower stall with a stunning image. At Genie Splashbacks, we have a wide selection of designs to suit every need and style vision. Contact us today for more information about our product range and to find out we can transform your home.