Along with endless Zoom calls, walks around the block and virtual family games, one of the defining points of the first COVID-19 lockdown was the many home improvements that were being made by thousands of families up and down the UK while they were confined to their homes. Whether it was just a lick of paint or a complete overhaul, many jobs that had been left to mount up were finally being completed.

As the UK goes into a third national lockdown, with everyone once again forced to stay home, many are turning their attention to what they can complete around the house.


There are many ways of jazzing up a tired kitchen that doesn’t require a complete refresh, from replacing the floor to painting your cupboard doors. Many are opting for a coloured perspex splashback behind their sink to protect their paint while also adding a burst of colour.

For a more custom approach, there’s also the option of picture splashbacks for kitchens. This could be something general like flowers or a scenic view, or something more custom like family photos or a personalised quote that means something to you.

It’s not just above the sink that you can add an acrylic splashback to; you can also get patterned splashbacks and coloured splashbacks for cookers.


For many, turning the bathroom into a more versatile space means adding a shower above the bath. When doing this, perspex shower panels help to stop the water from going all over the bathroom. Bathroom splashbacks come in a wide variety of colours, meaning you can add a whole new personality to your room simply through exploring your different splashback options. For difficult spaces, there’s the option of made-to-measure acrylic splashbacks, which will ensure you are properly protecting your space from water going everywhere.

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At Genie Splashbacks, we produce high-quality, made-to-measure, bespoke splashbacks using a wide variety of materials – this includes being able to use your own colours or photos to make your splashbacks truly personalised and special.