Speak to any interior designer, and they will tell you about the importance of incorporating science into your kitchen redesigns. As well as ensuring that your kitchen is practical, functional, and ergonomic, many people are unaware of the importance that colour plays. Psychologists have recently undertaken a significant amount of research into the impacts of colour on human moods, and the results have revolutionised interior design and home decoration.

The psychology of colour suggests that different colours affect humans in different ways, and certain colours can make you feel certain emotions. As such, when considering your kitchen, especially your kitchen splashback, it is essential to choose a colour that not only matches the colour scheme of the room, but has the potential to present you with positive mental impacts.

Our experts at Genie Splashbacks have analysed the scientific papers and have produced these findings.

1. Red is a great colour for personal motivation

Although commonly associated with themes of anger and rage, red is more likely to provoke motivational feeling in the observer. It’s a bold colour associated with strong emotions, and helps to grab attention. A red kitchen splashback is ideal for anyone who enjoys an extra boost of self-affirmation in the mornings.

2. Lime green is more popular than you think

Not usually a colour that is associated with kitchens and splashbacks, we are actually noticing a resurgence. According to the principles of the psychology of colour, this is likely to be due to the calming effects of a strong green, combined with its ability to evoke thoughts associated with nature, spring and relaxation.

3. Pastel blues are a calming colour

Rich, deep blues are also associated with calm, and the silence of being alone at sea. Scientists have found that pastel versions of this colour are actually more likely to evoke relaxed feelings, perfect in a bathroom, after a long day! If you want a blue kitchen splashback, perhaps a vibrant blue colour would be right for you.

At Genie Splashback, we have a large range of kitchen splashbacks in a whole range of colours to suit everyone. For more information, take a look today!