Finding a splashback for your kitchen or bathroom is the final design touch you need to protect your space. Whether it’s shielding your wall from splatters on the nearby hob or preventing water stains near the sink, they’re the long-lasting solution many of us choose.

The question remains, which colour is best for your bathroom or kitchen splashback panels? Matching them to your cabinets, as a feature of the room, is a fantastic place to start.

Match and complement

One option when you’re choosing an acrylic splashback is to complement existing colours in your decor. So if you have a blue-toned kitchen, then a purple splashback would be the best choice. In colour theory terms, this is known as analogous colour matching as they are next to one another on the colour wheel. Equally, you could stick to the same colour theme throughout the room, using different hues and tints to create variation.

Try taking a photo of your cabinets and placing them on a colour wheel to find the best complementary colours for your room.

Contrast and accent

Add some excitement to your bathroom and kitchen backsplash panels with some contrast and colour accents. Instead of finding colours that are directly next to or the same as your current cabinets, try finding something a little different. For example:

  • Triadic – find colours at a 60-degree angle away from your cabinet shades on the colour wheel to form a triangle. For green, you would match with violet and orange.
  • Tetradic – create a rectangle across the colour wheel. If your kitchen cabinets are green, you could use red, blue-green, or orange.

As well as finding colour combinations, you should consider the texture of the cabinets and find a splashback to match. For example, you could use patterned perspex in a bathroom or glitter splashbacks for kitchens.

Order some samples

The best way to find the most suitable splashback to match your cabinets is to order some colour samples and try them in your own home. To find out more about our range of colours or to order your samples today, contact Genie Splashbacks.