One question that may come to mind when considering acrylic splashbacks for your kitchen is whether or not they will stand up well to heat. When the splashback is in close proximity to the hob, the last thing you want is for it to become damaged by the high temperatures emanating from the cooker, and plastic is known to be susceptible to distortion and even melting at relatively low temperatures.

While it’s true that acrylic splashbacks can begin to deform and melt at around 80C, and become completely liquidised at 160C, they make a great option for some specific locations. Let’s take a closer look…

When acrylic is safe

First of all, acrylic splashbacks are safe for use behind an induction hob. The rings on an induction cooker don’t emit the high temperatures of their electric or gas counterparts; they are highly efficient, and the surrounding area will have very little excess heat. Therefore, the splashback won’t be exposed to those high temperatures that can cause them to warp and deform, as long as there is no direct contact with a heated pot or pan. For any other kind of hob, glass splashbacks are highly recommended.

Of course, acrylic bathroom splashbacks also make a great feature in your bath, shower and sink areas to protect your walls.

Mixing and matching

Our glass splashbacks are manufactured from low-iron glass, with the acrylic being a high-grade clear perspex. This means that there is very little colour distortion from either material, meaning when you put the two side-by-side the look is quite uniform. As a result, you can use a mix of glass and acrylic splashback panels on your kitchen wall – glass behind the heat source, with acrylic splashbacks on the remaining walls, such as behind worktops and sinks, to keep costs down.

Thanks to the high-gloss finish of our acrylic splashbacks, there will be little visible difference between them and the glass panels when placed beside one another on your wall. Mixing and matching in this way is a great solution for minimising expense without compromising on the aesthetic of the design.

To get a better idea of how this would work in your home, or to browse our collection, visit Genie Splashbacks today.