A splashback is a practical solution for protecting your walls, and with some of the acrylic splashback panels available on the market now, they can also be very beautiful.

Check out the benefits of splashback designs below and you’ll soon see that splashback wall panels are an easy way to add some personality to your kitchen or bathroom;

  1. They look modern
    Irrespective of the colour or style, acrylic splashback panels look contemporary. They are ideal for your bathroom, but also look great behind your cooker and throughout your kitchen. However you choose to style the rest of your decor, you will have a modern base to start with if you opt for patterned or block colour splashbacks.
  2. They’re low maintenance
    With tiles, you have grout to contend with, whatever size you opt for. With acrylic or glass splashbacks, there are far fewer places for dirt and grime to accumulate. That means splashback panels can be much easier to clean and maintain, looking their very best with minimum effort. Wipe away spills and watermarks quickly and easily. Also, the lighter the colour, the easier it is to disguise marks.
  3. Mould-free
    Mould loves to grow in joints and crevices. Opting for a single piece of glass or acrylic for your splashback or shower interior means there is nowhere for mould to grow. That makes it perfect for your bathroom or kitchen, traditionally the perfect places for mould and fungus because they’re nice and warm, with plenty of moisture.
  4. Matchy-matchy
    In a kitchen, in particular, you have to take the rest of the decor into account. Think worktops and cupboard doors. You need to decide whether they will take precedence over the splashback or whether your splashback will take the lead. If your worktop is wooden, or wood effect, you might want a bold, bright coloured splashback as a real feature and to dominate your space. There are plenty of options available if you shop around.

To find out more about coloured acrylic splashbacks for your kitchen or bathroom, contact us at Genie Splashbacks today.