When it comes to interior design, one of the rooms that a lot of people forget about is a downstairs or second toilet. To many homeowners it’s not an important room, just an afterthought that is painted and tiled in the cheapest, most basic (and let’s be honest, most boring) way possible.

Time to get personal

A simple and effective way to upgrade a downstairs toilet is to add a personalised splashback. That’s because they can be customised in terms of size, shape, colour and material. This is particularly useful when it comes to downstairs toilets because they tend to be small rooms that aren’t always of a standard size, making off the shelf options less suitable.

When space is limited, you have to get more creative. A splashback is a perfect way to add a dash of colour or pattern to a room without having to re-paint, re-tile or re-floor the entire place.

Fusing function with flair

There are functional benefits to a splashback too. For instance, it helps protect the paintwork behind the sink, making it last a lot longer. If you use a downstairs toilet a lot, there’s a very high chance that the paintwork behind a hand wash basin will start to become stained very quickly, forcing you to re-paint far more regularly than you’d need to. By adding the splashback you add a feature to the wall and save yourself a lot of potential maintenance.

Style advice for splashbacks in second toilets

Here are a few ideas and options to help you upgrade a downstairs toilet…

  • If you’re looking for subtle, subdued tones go for neutrals or earthy tones that don’t draw attention.
  • To increase the colour and vibrancy of the room, add a touch of glitter within the splashback.
  • Patterns can be a quick and effective way to add a little interest to the space.

Any one of these will take a simple room and improve it both functionally and aesthetically without much in the way of cost or effort.

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