Decorating your kid’s bathroom is fun for everyone involved. It’s a great way to spend a weekend as a family, and you’re almost guaranteed to impress the little ones.

It’s not uncommon for bathrooms to be overlooked when it comes to decorating, but it should be a priority as you spend a lot of time there. Speak to your children about what they like and consider their age. Below, we’ve come up with some ideas for inspiration.

Pops of colour

A plain, white bathroom isn’t going to go down well with any child. If you aren’t into the idea of completely throwing yourself into a colour-scheme, then pops around the room will do the trick.

Kids love bright and bold tones and painting your cabinets a bright orange or green can be the bit of colour they long for. If you don’t want to paint furniture, you can invest in colourful towels or a fancy wash basket.

Fun designs

Another excellent way to add a subtle touch that the kids will feel plays to their personality is by using some fun designs. You could opt for printed acrylic splashbacks in a design of their choice or even coloured bath panels. There are a huge variety of patterns and designs available, so let your little ones sit with you and pick some out together.

Stylish storage

There’s no doubt your kids have a lot of stuff, and a bathroom can quickly become untidy if they don’t have somewhere to keep all their bits and pieces. Think of fun and unique ways to put up shelves for toothbrushes and cups and add a cute toy bin for those they play with during bathtime.

Keep things safe

Above all, your child’s bathroom needs to be safe. Consider all hazards and prevent accidents wherever you can. Add colourful non-slip pads to the bath and floor, and pick out a fun stepping stool to climb in and out with ease. Lower the tap heat by setting your boiler at a lower temperature.

These are a few ideas to help you get started with your little one’s bathroom. Most importantly, take the time as a family to sit down and decide on a theme and let the kids help you pick out some pieces. This way, there’ll be no more struggling to get them into the bath!