Shower Splashbacks

When it is time for a relaxing shower after a long day at work, the last place you want to step into, is a bathroom lined with mould. Bathrooms are obviously damp by nature, but you can limit the appearance of black mould with a Genie shower splashback. It is a pleasure to step into a place of luxury knowing that you won’t be confronted by rows of unsightly grout lines. Why would you want to spoil the clean feel of your bespoke bathroom? The beautifully smooth, continuous finish of the shower splashback is an amazing alternative to tiling that will leave you wondering why you haven’t fitted a shower splashback before. It even looks clean and hygienic, because let’s face it, we unconsciously associate tiling with mould and hard work. I am comfortingly reassured that the shower splashbacks are more than just looks, they are hygienically clean with anti-mould and anti-microbial coatings, working on the obvious dirt, and also on the unpleasantness of the unseen:  a claim to kill 99% of all pathogens.

Cleaning Shower Splashbacks

I believe the space where you become clean should be inherently clean itself. Soap is almost self-cleaning, so maybe a bathroom should be too? The materials used in Genie’s splashbacks allow easy cleaning, with a simple wipe clean of their inherently low friction surface. Whether it is the smooth texture of glass or acrylic, with a Genie shower splashback, you won’t have to spend hours trying to make it sparkle. And thanks to the absence of grout lines, the hours of time wasted bringing lifeless tiles back to their best, has miraculously disappeared.

Scratch Resistant Splashbacks

Genie shower splashbacks are exceptionally hard-wearing too and are manufactured to be scratch resistant. Thanks to these scratch resistant surfaces, the finish of the shower splashbacks always remains fresh and luxurious. Combine the hygienic nature of the shower splashback with the incredible range of colours and shades and options to customise, these shower splashbacks are a truly great alternative to tiling.

So step into your bespoke bathroom and enjoy a relaxing shower, confident in the knowledge that your shower splashback is doing its bit to keep you clean too.